UN Parliamentary Assembly


 The purpose of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations is to give the citizens of UN member states a voice in political negotiations and decisions at the global level. The assembly provides independent oversight of the UN’s bureaucracy and budget. With its members directly elected or appointed by national or regional parliaments, a parliamentary assembly would improve global governance by adding a democratic and independent complement to the existing intergovernmental bodies.Throughout the conference, delegates of the UNPA will discuss economic and other activities which affect the interests of the people of non-self governing territories.

  Nowadays, we may think that several territories have governed themselves throughout history. In fact, many people did not have much say over who exercised political power over them and did not even think of claiming self-governance. Powerful states have transgressed borders and colonized regions where other people have lived for centuries. These colonisation actions' consequences came until today. So, the solution of the problem is an important step in the eradication of colonialism in the conventional sense.

- Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the people  of the non-self governing terrirtories