Welcome Letter

Most distinguished participants of the house;


    As the Secretary-General of the conference; I have the honor to declare that, after 8 months of effort and outstanding teamwork, the time has come to make the first annual session of Anakent Koleji Model United Nations Conference great. It will be our utterly pleasure to welcome you all in Maltepe University Campus between 19th and 22th of November.

 In our conference, whether you're, a veteran participant or a newcomer, ANAKENTMUN 2019 offers a wide selection of committees suitable for you, we offer our participants 9 committees in total which satisfy their utmost pleasure as well as an unforgettable academic and organisation  experience.  As the conference we’re anticipating to provide a comfortable enviroment as well as a marvelous experience.

We are looking forward you to join our family in the first place,

Stay tuned, apply now


Alp Ergun

Secretary-General of AnakentMun’19